Springfield Housing Coalition’s State of Homelessness

Many organizations funding homeless services in Springfield require a centralized collection of data on individuals as they move from housing crisis to stably housed. These data are meant to inform stakeholders, allowing targeted interventions on a system level. Currently, the Springfield Housing Coalition is responsible for collecting and maintaining these data.

At the Springfield Housing Coalition, transparency is a core value. We believe information equips an individual to make better decisions. To put this core value in practice we have the following visualizations drawn directly from our data system. The information contained in this page is live.

Whether funder, volunteer, concerned neighbor, or an individual in housing crisis we hope this information helps us collectively end homelessness.

How many Individuals Experience Homelessness?

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of Clients 123 100 129 456 100

The number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Springfield has been slowly increasing over the years. The largest increase on record started in late 2016, when the 3E factory closed. The local high unemployment and lack of affordable housing is suspect for large increase in 2017.  This is supported further by the decline in 2018, as the local economy stabilized.

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