Welcome to the Springfield Housing Coalition

A house is a chance for home

The Springfield Coalition believes a home is a right.  All individuals, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, mental health–all have a right to home.


The Springfield Housing Coalition is an alliance of cities, counties, commercial and non-profit organizations, and individuals with the common goal of ending homelessness in the Springfield City area.


Draft Springfield Housing Coalition’s State of Homelessness

Guidance and Hope If you recently become homeless there is hope!  The Springfield Coalition is a collection of organizations and individuals determined to end homelessness.  That stated, ending homelessness is work.  It must be done one day at a time; one person at a time.  And we believe the best way to end homelessness is by equipping those who …

Springfield Housing Coalition’s State of Homelessness

Many organizations funding homeless services in Springfield require a centralized collection of data on individuals as they move from housing crisis to stably housed. These data are meant to inform stakeholders, allowing targeted interventions on a system level. Currently, the Springfield Housing Coalition is responsible for collecting and maintaining these data. At the Springfield Housing …


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