Welcome to the Springfield Housing Coalition

A house is a chance for home

The Springfield Coalition believes a home is a right.  All individuals, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, mental health–all have a right to home.


The Springfield Housing Coalition is an alliance of cities, counties, commercial and non-profit organizations, and individuals with the common goal of ending homelessness in the Springfield City area.


Springfield Housing Coalition’s State of Homelessness

Many organizations funding homeless services in Springfield require a centralized collection of data on individuals as they move from housing crisis to stably housed. These data are meant to inform stakeholders, allowing targeted interventions on a system level. Currently, the Springfield Housing Coalition is responsible for collecting and maintaining these data. At the Springfield Housing …

Help. I’ve lost my place to live.

Guidance and Hope If you recently become homeless there is hope!  The Springfield Housing Coalition is a collection of organizations and individuals determined to end homelessness.  That stated, ending homelessness is work.  It must be done one day at a time; one person at a time.  And we believe the best way to end homelessness is by equipping those …


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